Maintenance & Reliability Excellence

training pic stacks and people smallLincoln Technology Corporation is a Maintenance & Reliability Improvement company offering an Industrial Asset Management consulting service.

Maintenance: “Ensuring that physical assets continue to do what their users want them to do”

Reliability Centered Maintenance: “A process used to determine what must be done to ensure that any physical asset continues to do what its users want it to do in its present operating context.” It is a systematic analysis of equipment to determine failure modes, effects, consequences, probability and causes to determine strategies and tactics to manage the reliability of the asset.

Lincoln Technology reliability improvement process provides an effective way to cost justify your maintenance activities, decrease your equipment downtime, skills required to maintain each asset, and decide what spares should be held in stock. A valuable by product is also improved drawings and manuals for an efficient plan execution.

If we wish to apply truly proactive maintenance to any physical asset, we must try to identify all the failure modes, which are reasonably likely to affect that asset. Ideally, they should be identified before they occur at all, or if this is not possible, before they occur again.

For failure modes with operational consequences, a proactive task is worth doing if, over a period of time, it costs less than the cost of the operational consequences plus the cost of repairing the failure which it is meant to prevent

Lincoln can assist you in reaching your Maintenance & Reliability Excellence goals