Asset Data Preparation

DataPrepVerifiFlowchartComprehensive and accurate asset data preparation and cleansing is one of the fundamental components of a successful CMMS implementation and cannot be overlooked. If the benefits of implementing a new CMMS are to be realized, it is critical that accurate and complete data is collected and entered. This will enable the full use of all your CMMS’s functionality including searching and history development. It will also enable efficient and effective planning, reliability analysis and reporting. Data can originate from two primary sources. It either exists in some format or must be developed from first principles. In either case, data preparation can require a large effort. Lincoln Technology has a substantial amount of experience with data collection and data cleansing. This includes such data as a complete equipment hierarchy, equipment/asset register, PMs, spare parts/inventory and bills of materials. This is a large part of Lincoln’s core business. Lincoln will also develop Business Rules to guide future data development and entry.