Lincoln Technology documents the strengths and opportunities for improvement complete with a plan forward. The audits and assessment is an invaluable planning/improvement tool that allows you to more cost effectively maintain and operate your facility.man_cal_graph_telescope small

  • Allows you to target the highest areas of opportunity without re-engineering

  • Provides valuable insight allowing you to better plan your budget

  • Provides valuable information to justify improvement project funding and budgeting

  • Provides information to project future costs

  • Documents your present maintenance process effectiveness

  • Provides a practical tool to further improve maintenance program cost effectiveness

  • Provides valuable information to rank your facility with industry

Types of Assessments Available:

  • Shutdown / Turnaround optimization and “readiness” assessments

  • Maintenance effectiveness assessments

  • Inventory / Spare parts management effectiveness assessments

  • CMMS needs/gap assessments

  • Facility needs assessments

  • Training / skills needs/gap assessments