Master Data Creation and Cleanup

  • Developing guidelines for data creation
  • Ensure all maintenance significant assets are in the CMMS
  • Ensure all design documents (i.e. data sheet, P&ID, PFD, VP etc.) are linked to the asset in the CMMS
  • Equipment criticality ranking

Equipment Strategy Data Sheet

  • It’s a summary sheet containing the basic information about the equipment, its possible failure modes, and the maintenance actions required to deal with the failure modes. 
  • It enables new assets to be put into effective service with great speed, confidence and precision.
  • The sheet is structured to answer the Reliability Center Maintenance seven basic questions
  • What are the functions and associated performance standards of the asset in its present operating context?
  • In what ways does it fail to fulfil its functions?
  • What causes each functional failure?
  • What happens when each failure occurs?
  • In what way does each failure occur?
  • What can be done to predict or prevent each failure?
  • What should be done if a suitable proactive task cannot be found?

Maintenance Program

  • Maintenance strategies developed (e.g. Run-to-Failure, Preventive, Condition Based, Predictive)
  • Maintenance programs developed and activated in CMMS
  • All maintenance information is attached to technical objects (e.g. checklist, maintenance procedures, technical reference etc.)

Spare Parts Management

  • Ensure that the right spares are identified
  • Equipment bill of material for maintenance activities
  • Recommended inventory levels will be based on quantifying risk