Contract Staffing

Superior, Professional Service

LINCOLN has the resources and knowledge to recruit high calibre personal and provide technical support to all contracted staff through our staff of maintenance, reliability and inventory specialists.

Listening to You

This includes all the duties, goals, responsibilities and activities that detail your requirements, as well as the specifics concerning your organization and industry. It also includes the all-important ‘chemistry’ or corporate culture of your organization – the ‘flavor’ that sets your business apart. In fact, this is often the most important ingredient in a successful employee – the person whose pace, image and work-related philosophy fits in with your overall organization. To construct all these elements takes us time, but is time well spent, however, as it pays off in time saved later for you.

small staffv2Your Industrial Contract Staffing Experts

With LINCOLN’s extensive track record in maintenance, reliability and inventory improvement projects, who’s better qualified to recruite and evaluate top technical staff and provide you with team members that are Tested and Certified by seasoned industrial professional.

In today’s fast paced work environment, your company is focused on improving quality, increasing productivity, controlling costs, using technology effectively and responding to changing needs. LINCOLN understands these demands and supports it’s clients through Contract Staffing services to provide immediate access to highly-skilled, adaptable team members on a temporary, contract or permanent basis.

LINCOLN Technology recruitment process provides pre-screened qualified personnel to meet your specific requirements.

Lincoln has the resources and knowledge to provide technical support to all contracted staff through our staff of maintenance, reliability, and inventory specialists. The ability to identify skills and verify knowledge sets Lincoln apart from our competition. Our industrially experienced customer service representatives perform candidate assessments designed to address the common challenges that businesses face today; increasing productivity while delivering superior service to our customers.