Spare Part Analysis


inventory_mgt_graphSpare parts analysis is key in determining what parts will be stocked without carrying excessive inventory. These decision should be risk based and guided by pre-determined business rules or risk based calculations that consider stocking costs as well as stock-out costs including downtime. Lincoln brings both the experience, methodology and tooling to set the guidelines based on your business philosophy, maintenance strategies and risk tolerance. Specialized software is available for large scale inventory assessments.

BOM Development


spare parts listWhether an existing plant or a new facility, spare parts lists are a key element to the availability and uptime of your equipment. It is also a key element in efficient planning and for enabling quick mobilization for emergency repairs or for taking advantage of maintenance opportunities. The process of developing equipment BOMS (bills of materials) is a comprehensive task. Lincoln Technology has an abundance of experience in this area and can provide the resources to complete this project in a timely fashion. Whether it is for mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, or stationary equipment such as vessels or exchangers, Lincoln can provide these services. Development of Business Rules to guide the BOM development work is a key step in ensuring that BOMS reflect your organizations maintenance strategies.