Warehouse Management

Lincoln’s well-developed layouts result in more efficient and cost effective warehousing with reduced operating costs and less risk to down time.

Common Warehouse Layout Pitfalls to be Avoided

  1. Putting product away in the nearest, most available space at the time to arrives.
  2. Putting product away in spaces designed by layout exercise completed years before.
  3. Storing product with no defined strategy.

Optimized Layout Benefitsshelf layout small

  1. Easily track and locate items.
  2. Minimize the total physical effort, thus reducing the cost of moving goods into and out of storage.
  3. Increase cube utilization by maximizing the height of the building, thereby reducing aisle space.
  4. Improving service levels with timely response to customers needs.
  5. Physical parts storage to follow health and safety regulations recommended for shelf placement.
  6. Reduced personnel injuries due to better ergonomic layout.
  7. Bin locations aligned with and set up to match current CMMS systems.

Obsolete Inventory Clean Up Services

Obsolete inventory, on average, makes up 13% of your total inventory. Let LINCOLN help you identify that unnecessary cost component of your inventory and help categorize the inventory for disposal.